Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Say Then Do

Last night I plotted and then layed out most of a six page comic. Made me feel better about the whole being useless and lazy post from yesterday. I always feel kinda dumb after I put up posts like that. Makes me look like a whiner, constantly bitching about things that really shouldn't be that hard to deal with if I just man up.

Actually it really was kind of valid to begin with... the whole feeling creative when there's not much you can do about it thing. That was actually a valid topic I think, because it happens. But then it devolved into some sort of sad sack, woe-is-me, why-am-I-so-lazy-and-stupid kind of post. Like that's going to help me accomplish anything. So yeah, sorry about inflicting that upon you.

Whatever... I plotted and layed out most of a six page comic last night. That is good. I'm excited to draw the thing. It's the debut for a pulp-inspired character I created recently, Phantom Face... that's him up top. Man, I want to draw lots of comics about this guy.

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