Monday, July 21, 2008

And Here We Go

Man, how many webpages does one guy need? I've already got my Deviant Art Page and my (sorely neglected) LiveJournal. I mean, I can barely keep those two pages updated (and let's not forget about my almost totally abandoned Stumblebum Studios), what business do I have starting up a brand new blog? Almost none really. But hey, everyone else is on blogger it seems. And yes, if everyone else jumped off a bridge I would be right behind 'em.

Actually I really just wanted to start fresh with a blog that is completely dedicated to my artwork. Such as it is. I hope you guys dig what you see. And I hope I give you guys lots to see. If not just write to your congressman. I'm sure he'll do something about it.

I'm Paul, by the way. How are ya?


Vinh-Luan Luu said...

Welcome to the Blogger, dude.

Paul said...

Good to be here.

David DeGrand said...

Awesome blog man, looking forward to checking out what you put up! I'm going to try and update my posts more regularly so keep an eye out.