Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Introducing The Gang

Here's some character designs for a new graphic novel I'm working on with writer David Hopkins (Emily Edison, Astronaut Dad, Karma Incorporated). David and I work together on a bi-monthly one-page comic for D Magazine called Souvenir of Dallas. I've been wanting to work with David on something bigger than Souvenir for a long time and when I brought him this idea (which will remain hush-hush for now but it does involve a group of indy comic creators) he totally dug it and we got to work.

This is my second pass at a group shot of the characters as I finalize their looks. Next I'll do individual character sheets so I can get used to drawing these folks. I've never really prepared too heavily for any of the comics I've done. I usually do a few sketches and then dive right into the pages, making up character designs and such as I go along. Probably not the best approach. This time I'm going to get these characters down before I draw one single panel of art for the book.

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