Thursday, January 7, 2010


Decided to jump in on the Sketch-A-Day thing. Aiming at doing 365... already a few days behind here. So to start here's a big, super-sized OMAC inspired by Cory Walker's version.

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samax said...


um... yeah...
so, I grew up a Marvel Zombie. The only DC books i read were D-listers like Blue Devil, Blue Beetle (no relation), Firestorm, and Booster Gold. But I also RELIGIOUSLY bought those Who's Who in the DC Universe joints, so I always LOVED the One Man Army Corps (i really like acronyms).

He's a character that I see artists do fan art for a lot, but that I promise if he got a book it would fail... because we all think we could do it better than who ever they picked to write/draw it! LOL!